We will be back for 2020


 We believe that people of the Gosport community should be able to attend a non-profit making music festival in
their own town at an affordable cost. Dave Smith has managed this now for well over a decade and we are
delighted to have such a great spirited community team.



We believe the great community festival that has become an integral part of the community again since 2000
should bring the community back together. 



We look forward to seeing you there.

Gosport Waterfront Festival are pleased to announce a partnership with The Reilly Enterprise at this year's event to bring you The Kids Zone!!

Home to Go-Karts, inflatables, story-telling, crafts, a chill-out tent and SO much more the Kids Zone is the place your little ones will want to be this Summer!

Parents can chose from pay-as-you-go on the inflatables or buying a wristband at just £10 per child which will allow unlimited inflatable fun!! Wristbands will be available soon so stay tuned!

Remember kids have FREE entry to the festival site


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