Having spoken to other festival organisers regarding the virus and its implications on festival scene, we have decided at this time to proceed with our event as the others are doing, as our event is well into the summer, we are as are others, that come the summer, restrictions will be being lifted, and people will be looking forward to getting out in the fresh air as a family, and enjoy themselves, however, this is today thinking, we don’t know what the Government will do or say, they might ask that events are postponed for a week or two, we just don’t know.  We will continue as we are for now and not make a knee Jerk reaction that we might regret later. The Waterfront Community Festival is by definition, a community-based event, and of course, it’s important to us that the event takes place for the benefit of the community and the charity.

So lets look forward to a good summer break where we will at last, let our hair down. Stay safe stay happy #Waterfronters

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We Are back for 2020


 We believe that people of the Gosport community should be able to attend a non-profit-making music festival in
Their own town at an affordable cost. Dave Smith has managed this now for well over a decade, and we are
Delighted to have such a great spirited community team.



We believe the great community festival that has become an integral part of the community again since 2000
Should bring the community back together. 



We look forward to seeing you there.

Reg Charity 1186828


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