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Crowd Control / Management

  • The GWCF site consists of public open space of 9,000sq.m. The principal route of pedestrian access is via Gate A.


The event has a small admission fee of £10.00 plus admin fees and Vat with an overall limit on site of 4999 persons including staff and performers. The ticket covers entry to the site, 

Tickets are Non Refundable 


Conditions of Entry

Entry is subject to acceptable behaviour


No person who behaves in a manner that is, or likely to be violent, threatening or abusive


No person who is drunk or under the influence of drugs will be allowed to enter or remain on site


Those entering the site may be subject to random search for illegal or prohibited articles. Including “Herbal Highs and Noxious Gases”


Anyone refuses to allow such a search will immediately be refused entry


  • Security and Stewards, with considerable experience of this and similar events, have been engaged to deploy personnel and facilities as appropriate to manage the event. Manning levels are included in.


  • A constant system of risk assessing will determine the appropriate course of action and will be managed by the Event Health and Safety Manager using available resources.  


  • The Event Health and Safety Manager will ensure that there are sufficient numbers of appropriately qualified and experienced Security and Stewards in line with License requirements. They will be allocated according to the risks posed by each of the concerts.


  • Security staff will be re-deployed from area to another as deemed necessary by the Event Health & Safety Manager.


  • The Security and Steward Supervisors will have available to them a loudhailer for urgent communication and as a back-up, in case the public address system fails. The Event Health and Safety Manager will coordinate the overall management of the security team and stewards.

                                   If you decide to leave the site, you will be charged for re-entry.


Drugs Policy


Anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be automatically refused entry.


Every effort will be made to stop drugs being on the site and anyone found in possession of any illegal substances will be removed from the site.


There will be warning signs displayed at each entrance gate and across the site outlining this policy.


A secure amnesty bin will be located at to encourage persons to voluntarily surrender illegal substances for destruction prior to entry. Amnesty bins will be regularly checked and emptied throughout the event.


Festival security will take an active role monitoring for drug abuse and dealing and will work in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary, all security and stewards will be briefed accordingly.


SIA staff will be present at Entrance Gate A and will conduct random searches of those entering. Random searches will also be carried out across the site where deemed necessary.


Anyone suspected of drugs possession will be subject of positive action by way of search and or eviction from the site. Same-sex searches will be carried out where necessary.


Anyone found in possession of illegal drugs, powder or crystallized substance will be detained by security and security and the police called as appropriate at the direction of the Event Organiser and Health and Safety Manager / Security Supervisor so a proportional response can be made.


Festival security will fully assist with Hampshire Constabulary in any drugs' operation they carry out on site.


Searching will be carried out by at least 2 Security Officers to prevent allegations being made; any drugs seized will be stored in sealed evidence bags (to be provided by police). This action should be carried out in the presence of the suspect and evidenced by signature. Staff seizing will provide any evidential statement required by the police to support prosecution.


Any quantities found will be brought to the attention of the Event Health and Safety Manager to ensure that staff is made aware of this for subsequent briefings.


Protection of Young People


Any child aged 12 years or younger has to be accompanied by an appropriate adult, Security will determine if the adult is appropriate.


Any person under the age of 18 wishing to enter the site after has to be accompanied by an appropriate adult.


A policy will be in force in the bar area and no young person will be allowed to remain there.


Regular patrols will be carried out by stewards on site to ensure that children are not allowed to wander around the site without supervision using the scheme to locate parents.




You will not be allowed to enter the site, should you be in possession of ALCOHOL 


ALCOHOLIC beverages will be confiscated and only returned when you LEAVE




Any food or soft drinks brought onto the site will be confiscated and returned on your leaving of the event.

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