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Friday 16th August 2024

Saturday 17th August 2024

Due too their outstanding success at our festival in 2022, and the band loved you so much as well, they asked us if they could comeback for 2024, now, as you know, we have never repeated A headline act the following year before, but with East 17, we have made an exception, they put on an outstanding show last year and have even extended their showtime especialy for you guys this year, if last year is anything to go by, then this year will see us locking the gates early because we are full, so our advice is to get your tickets well in advance and take advantage of out early bird tickets and make big savings as well.

Sunday 18th August 2024

Energetic doyens of sweet Soul Music 


Long time favourites of the soul genre and the

South Coast's best show in town.

We are in our 25th year and still going strong.

Sunday 18th August 2024

 Foo Forgers- 

Paying tribute to one of the greatest rock bands

of the modern era; Foo Fighters 

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